about us KOEDO SUN ART

I have spent 10 years at a Japanese antique academy, mainly studying Japanese, Chinese, and Korean pottery.
I also took courses in all other antique departments.
I started selling on ebay in 2009.
Currently, as a professional antique dealer, I visit antique dealers' markets and antique fairs on a daily basis.
I purchase antiques that people from all over the world like.
I feel that Japanese antiques in the world are in various demands and the trend is fast.
Among them, I make efforts day and night to purchase universally good antiques whose prices do not change over the decades.
There are many Japanese and other antique fans all over the world.
We try to sell them at the most affordable prices possible to help you in your collecting.
I am available to answer any questions or clarify any concerns you may have about Japanese or Asian culture or antiques.
Please contact us anytime, even if you just have a question.


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